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My Laptop is very old can you still fix the screen?
We currently repair and replace all models of screens from apple mac, toshiba, dell and acer laptops and notebooks no matter the age of your machine, prices may vary depending on screen size, get in contact with us or use the quote form to get an estimate of the repair costs.
My Screen flickers does this mean i need a new one?
This does not necceserally mean that you need to replace the screen itself there are three main componants in the workings of the screen that may be causing this effect.

1. Laptop Inverter
2. Screen Cable
3. The Screen itself

We can normally spot the root cause of the problem on initial inspection but for screens that do not display we will have to open up the machine and inspect further.

With our No Fix No Fee Diagnosis service simple bring in your laptop to our repair centre for inspection.
I have cracked my screen what can you do?
If your screen is cracked we are affraid that is is beyond economical repair and advise on a screen replacement.

We offer the best screen replacement service throughout sussex, with our next day repair service you can have a new screen installed within 24hrs.

Bring your laptop with its cracked screen to our repair centre before 2pm and we have a brand new replacement installed by the end of the following day.
I have a notebook can screens this small be replaced?
No matter the size of your screen it is replaceable from 10.3inch up to 17inch and more we can replace all faulty laptop screens and all brands and models currently in the market.
I have a Toshiba Satellite how much does a screen cost?

It is very difficult to give an exact cost of replacing a screen without finding out the model number and if the screen is the actual fault.

Models of laptops may have different screen models dependant on their manufacturer date, some models may have up to four different screen types installed.

Without us inspecting the machine to find the screen number it is hard to give an exact price on replacing it.

We suggest using our Free Diagnosis, No Fix No Fee service to determine what the screen model number is on your machine.

Can you repair other problems other than screens?
We can also carry laptop and computer repair services such as operating system reinstalls, upgrades and virus/trojan removal.

Visit us in store to find out more information.
Do you help with Insurance Claims?
If you have accidently damaged your laptop or cracked its screen we can help you make a claim on your general household insurance.

We offer out Insurance Claim service to help backup your claim to you insurer.

Simply bring your laptop to our centre we we will assess the damage and write a full damage report for you to use in insurance claim.

Once the claim has been confirmed we can carry out the repair on behalf of your insurer.
What brands of laptops do you repair?
We can currently repair and replace screens of all the major laptop, notebook and netbook brands, including:

Sony Vaio
Apple Macbook

If your laptop model is not listed anywhere on this website feel free to visit us in store and we will defiantly be able to help you.

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