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Sony Vaio Laptop

We can repair all Sony screens including  Sony Vaio F Series, Sony Vaio E Series, Sony Vaio C Series, Sony Vaio S Series & Sony Vaio M Series notebooks.

Every VAIO contains an incredible level of technology.
That's simply a fact.
They know you need the latest features.
So they deliver.

VAIO Display
Your VAIO will make multimedia entertainment more exciting with true-to-life intensity, vibrant colours and real depth.
Sony’s groundbreaking VAIO Display technology features real wide 16:9 aspect ratios, high contrast and scratch resistance on all models.

VAIO Display
Most of the Vaio models feature LED technology which means slimmer and lighter screen and superior battery life.

On selected entertainment notebooks, VAIO Display Plus adds anti-reflection and wider viewing angles to your viewing pleasure.

On professional-level VAIO notebooks, VAIO Display Premium adds extreme brightness and high colour saturation.

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